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Interactive Event Planner

Our Interactive Event Planner lets you design & coordinate every specific detail of your event, from location & times to bridal party introductions! It's a completely dynamic set of forms for all types of events. You may even save your work for continued progress at a later time. Upon completion, the event details are electonically submitted directly to your DJ. Start working on yours now.

Music Library & Request List


Our Music Library allows you to search our extensive collection of over 100,000 song titles.  You can create your own must play/play if possible/do not play list to customize and create the mood of your event.  All of our music is "radio edited" (clean) so you can choose songs you like without worry. You can do search by title, artist, listen to audio samples, or view the most requested songs (by era or to help with your event planning). Start working on your music today. You can even search from your cell phone or PDA!

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